There are serveral stats in this game that affect your character strength/abilities.

Core StatsEdit

Game Translation Description Battle Rating Value
HP Hit Points The amount of health you have. 0,3 BR per point
PAtk Physical Attack The damage an attack does to enemies (hunter and warrior) 2 BR per point
MAtk Magic Attack The damage an attack does to enemies (wizard) 2 BR per point
Speed Speed The speed you attack (affects who attacks first)
PDef Physical Defence The amount of physical attack you can resist 1 BR per point
MDef Magic Defence The amount of magic attack you can resist 1 BR per point

Secondary StatsEdit

Game Translation Description
Hit Hit Chance to hit an enemy - negates dodge
Block Block Chance to block an enemy attack - negated by pierce
Crit Critical Chance to deal Crit damage to an enemy
Crit Dmg Critical Damage The amount of damage Crits do
Dodge dodge Chance to dodge - negates hit
Pierce Pierce Chance to pierce block - negates block
Crit Res Critical Resist Chance to avoid crits - negates crit
Crit Reduce Critical Reduce Chance to reduce crits - negates crit damage

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