Lucky draw

Lucky Draw

The lucky draw event currently runs for 3 days about once per week.

This event is open to all, not just diamond/pay players.

How it worksEdit

Pick a card any card, this is the very familiar premise of lucky draw, you can select 1 card for free per hour, with another costing 10 diamonds then 20 then 30 etc.

What you can winEdit

The common items are:

Gold, A level 1 gem pack, A uncommon talisman scroll, Pet potion, Ember grass

The rare items are:

500 vouchers, a level 4 gem pack, 500 honor, 500k gold, poraberry, super EXP pill, pet skill pack (M), arena points card, level 5 gem pack, level 6 gem pack

There are in fact 2 arena points cards, one with 1*2000 and another with 2*2000

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