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Gems can be attached to equipment at the Forge. Only one gem of each type can be socketed per piece of equipment (i.e, you cannot have three HP gems socketed to your helmet).

Gems come in levels of one through eight with eight offering the best stat improvement. You can improve your gems through Crafting. To craft gems of levels one through eight, you need three gems of the same type and level to create one gem of the same type and the next higher level.  For example, three level one PATK gems synthesize into one level two PATK gem.

In the Craft section under Other; you can also convert PATK gems into MATK, and can convert MATK into a PATK gem.

Both Level 9 and 10 require a Gem Crafting Scroll of correct level which can be obtained through consumption of diamonds and bonus events.

Gem EffectsEdit



Level 1

50 25 50 25 180 15 5

Level 2

90 45 90 45 320 30 7

Level 3

160 80 160 80 560 45 9

Level 4

290 145 290 145 1000 60 12

Level 5

520 260 520 260 1800 75 15

Level 6

940 470 940 470 3300 90 20

Level 7

1700 850 1700 850 6000 105 25

Level 8

3000 1500 3000 1500 10000 120 50
Level 9 5400 2700 5400 2700 19000 200 X
Level 10 9700 4850 9700 4850 34000 360 X

Gem InformationEdit

Gems in Shadow Bound can be found in various events, chests and rewards and more. Gems are mainly found in Cloudwinder, Arena Chests, 8V8 Rumble, Crusades, VIP Dungeons and Temple Flight.

To activate Gems , you must socket them into your Equipment. You can do this at the Forge panel under Socket.

Level 30-39 Blackwind Equipment Enables 3 slots each in Weapon and Armor. Level 40-49 Wraithbane Equipment Enables 3 slots each in Necklace and Ring. Level 50-59 Soultear Equipment Enables 3 slots each in Helm and Boots.

Socking gems is free, but removing gems costs only 200 Gold. Also note that you can't socket the same type of gem into the same piece of equipment, but you can equip the same kind of gem into each piece of equipment to a total of 8 per kind per Hero or Merc.

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